Special Announcement

Hi Everyone! I have a special announcement to make! Drum roll please…………  I have been chosen to be a Brand Ambassador with Bikini.com AND Sand Cloud!  #spons #realbikinibabe #savethefishies 😉 This is going to open up a lot of doors for us and let us create even more fun content for you guys!

What all does this mean?! It means you will be seeing a lot more videos, Instagram photos and blog posts featuring products from Sand Cloud and bikini.com. If you are not familiar with either of these companies, you are going to love them!

Bikini.com obviously sells bikinis… LOL but there is so much more! Along with the resort wear, street clothing, beachy accessories, and beauty products, they also feature awesome blog posts written by the bikini.com community. The topics range anywhere from style and beauty to food and fitness. I am most excited about joining this amazing community of women who are as inspired by travel as I am.. and know how to rock a bikini of course!

Ambassador Gifts from  bikini.com

Ambassador Gifts from bikini.com

Sand Cloud is known for their Turkish Cotton Beach towels and their mission to save marine life! 10% of their profits go to non-profit organizations that support this cause. 

Use the code AlyssaGf25 for 25% off of your purchase!

Use the code AlyssaGf25 for 25% off of your purchase!

I feel like both Sand Cloud and bikini.com are a PERFECT match for me because my lifestyle directly reflects that of everything they stand for: bikini, travel, beauty, fitness, ocean life. I will be able to inspire even more people to live a fun, healthy lifestyle, support marine life, and to always follow their dreams.

Thank you for the continuous support and stay tuned for more content! We are always open to content suggestions as well! What would you like to see from us?! Feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email!