How To Get Free Stuff On Cruises

Having been on almost 10 cruises (Freedom of the Seas in August will be the 10th!), we have found a few ways to score some free stuff on the ships. It ranges from ship trophies and medals, to free drinks, to even some pretty cool raffle prizes. Here are some of the places you can expect to find free stuff!

1. Volunteer! They may ask for someone to hold a piece of art or help out on stage. You'll most likely walk away with bottle of champagne, raffle tickets or coupons for dinner at a specialty restaurant.

2. Art Auctions: even if you don't volunteer, just show up! You will typically get a free piece of artwork for attending and almost always, a free glass of champagne.

3. On-board Activities: Participate in the belly flop competition, love & marriage game show or lip sync battle and you may get lucky enough to win some cool prizes! We have a pretty hilarious story about our Love & Marriage Game show experience... but we will save that for another day... ;)

4. Captain’s Cocktail Party: If your ship offers this, you need to attend! Not only will you meet the captain and some other officers, they pass out FREE cocktails the majority of the time!

5. Shop at Preferred Stores in Port: Some stores have free giveaway items like pendants, gold chains, etc... for those who come in on cruise ships.

6. Liquor Tasting: We covered this in a previous video, but they will host a free liquor tasting in the duty free shops area on the ship. Go and sample some of the liquor they have to offer!

7. Be Loyal to a Cruise Line! A lot of the cruise lines will host a Welcome Back Party! If you have sailed with the cruise line more than once, you may be invited to a party with, you guessed it, more free drinks! Along with parties, if you are signed up with the cruise line's loyalty program, you can get a good bit of free stuff. We got a free drink on our last carnival cruise, free bottles of water in your stateroom, and if you are platinum on Carnival, you even get free gifts!

8. Timeshare Presentations- We have only seen this done on Disney Cruise Line, but sitting through the DVC presentation could pay off! Free drinks and raffle prizes- with a chance to win a free cruise!

9. Fill out the Comment Card: It's been said that if you fill out the comment card, you have a chance to win a free cruise! So take a few seconds to fill it out, because it could really be worth it!

10. Read Your Cruise Planner: You may be surprised on what you can find. On our last cruise, they had a ladies pamper party. Totally free, first come first serve.. Did someone say free mini-facials?!

11. Tour the Spa: On Embarkation Day, they always have a Spa Tour. We've been given free sample massages (obviously because they want us to buy the full thing) but its a nice way to start off your cruise!

12: Raffles: If you attend the port shopping talks or special events in the duty free shops, they will hold raffles and give away some great stuff!


Have you won anything on a cruise?? Or just try to get all the free stuff you can? Let us know !!