8 Of Our WORST Cruise Mistakes

We have made quite a few mistakes on our past cruises, so we wanted to share them with you to make sure you don't do the same!

1. Over-planning- There is a lot of excitement in having so many things to do, I want to do them all! But you also need to remember you want to come back refreshed, not exhausted!

2. Not Planning Port Days ahead of time. Whether or not you plan to do an excursion, you should at least have a plan going into the day. Are you going to swim with dolphins? Walk around the city? Stay on the ship? Don't waste valuable time trying to figure out what to do.

3. Not reading the cruise planner. There are some fun activities, trivia or shows you are not going to want to miss! Also knowing what time restaurants and shops open can come in handy.

4. Getting caught up in the PERFECT CRUISE. There is no such thing! Don’t stress if you miss a port ... just relax and have a good time… go with the flow!

5. Over-packing- I still do this…. LOL I promise you will not wear those extra 10 outfits you packed. Challenge yourself to bring the bare minimum (whatever that looks like for you) and you will be surprised!

6. Bringing uncomfortable shoes. Just, don't. You will regret it immediately!

7. Not packing small bills for tipping. We don’t always check our bags, so this was something that slipped our minds, but please remember to tip the porters that take your luggage to the ship! $1-2 / bag is fine. :) 

8. Packing incorrectly for embarkation and debarkation…

Embarkation carryon: pack all things you may need, medicines, swim wear, change of clothes.. Etc. Your luggage may take several hours to arrive to your stateroom, so plan accordingly.

Debarkation: If you aren’t carrying your bags off the ship, you don’t want to pack things you may need the next morning ! aka… underwear, make up, passports…. You need these things to get off the ship! 

Other mistakes we have seen:

9. Flying into port the day of your cruise AND booking an early flight out debarkation day. This is so stressful! Anything can go wrong with flights or the cruise coming in on time... play it safe.

10. Not packing all toiletries needed - Yes you can get them on the ship, but it will cost you much more than you want to pay for it!

11. Not recognizing Ship time vs Port time. Some cruise lines stay on the same timezone the entire cruise, while others adopt the times in port. Be sure you know what your ship is doing. DON'T BE LATE FOR YOUR SHIP!

12. Not understanding on-board charges. Some things will cost you extra, so don't be surprised if you have a bill at the end of your cruise!