Cruise Packing Essentials... Don't Forget These!!

Besides your obvious "don't forget your passport," we've included other items that we don't want to leave home without. They make our cruise much smoother! We also included the amazon links to most of this stuff for easy shopping purposes. Enjoy our cruise packing tips!

PASSPORT/RFID PASSPORT HOLDER:  I purchased this RFID passport holder to keep both of our passports in, our travel documents, cards and cash. I will be using this as my wallet for the trip- I’ll take our passports out and keep them in the safe for the duration of our cruise. 

Luggage Tags & Holder: If you plan on checking your luggage at the port, you will need a luggage tag (you can find and print them out online from your specific cruise documents..) We like to have these holders because they are weather-proof and won’t tear off . There are different sizes depending on your cruise ship, so these thin ones are for Royal & Celebrity and the thicker ones can be used for Carnival, Princess, and I think NCL?   

Power Strip: There are usually only 2 outlet plugs in the cabins, and we have A LOT more than 2 things we need to plug in, so bringing a power strip is a necessity. Make sure it is NOT a surge protector, because they will confiscate those.  

Hanging Toiletry Bag: The bathroom and counter space is limited. You can hang this on the back of the door to keep the clutter down!  

Wrinkle Spray: There aren’t any irons in the rooms and you are not allowed to bring your own or steamers. So wrinkle spray comes in handy! If you do need to iron your clothes for formal night, there are irons available in the laundry rooms.

Packing Cubes: Make packing a breeze & keep yourself organized! 

Alarm Clock: There usually isn’t a clock in the cabins… you don’t want to miss your excursion! 

Reusable Water Bottle: The cups in the buffet are small, and well, you need to stay hydrated. 

Lanyard: To carry your cruise card around. (Your cruise card is your cash and ID while on the ship. If you don’t have a lanyard, you can always buy one on board!) 

Ziplock Bags: To waterproof things like cash and your phone while on land. You can also keep wet swimsuits in them!

Towel Clips: It gets super windy on deck. These will hold your towel in place! 

Shore Excursion Bag: You'll want something easy to carry around to keep all your stuff in. If you plan on going to the beach or doing a water excursion, you are going to want to take towels, obviously sunscreen, your cards & ID, cash, etc.. So your bag should be big enough to carry these things. This one is water resistant which is excellent for cruising! 

Hand Sanitizer: There are hand sanitizer stations throughout the ship, but I like to have this for walking around the islands and in our stateroom. They give you bar soap in the bathroom, so I prefer this! 


What items to you bring with you on a cruise that you can't live without?? Let us know!