What To Wear On Formal Night During Your Cruise

If you have a cruise coming up, you may be wondering what to wear for formal night. The truth is, the possibilities are endless. You don't need to go all out if you don't want to. We broke up formal night into 3 different categories to make everyone feel comfortable!

Category 1: Dressy Casual: Ladies, feel free to wear a cute dress, it doesn't have to be floor-length. If you don't like dresses, wear a nice pair of pants and a cute top! For the guys, a nice button-down shirt and a pair of slacks will do the trick. Just don't walk into the dining room with flip-flops... They frown upon that!

Category 2: Semi-Formal: Let's dress it up a little bit! Ladies, wearing a pantsuit or a floor-length dress(something you would wear to a wedding) is completely appropriate. And for fellas, throw on a sport coat or a tie!

Category 3: Formal: GET DOLLED UP!! Think of the fanciest dress you could even imagine... wear that! And a full suit/tuxedo for the men. If you don't have one, you can actually rent one on the ship if you would like!

This could be a great time to re-wear one of those bridesmaid dresses you've been holding on to! You can also schedule an appointment at the salon on formal night to get your hair and make-up done. So if you are feeling fancy, by all means, GET FANCY!

We love formal night, because we don't get to dress up that often, so it gives us a chance to get out of the norm and do something special! Do you participate in formal night, or do you avoid it at all costs?? We'd love to know your answer!