9 Ways to Prevent Sea Sickness on a Cruise

Greetings from the Southern Caribbean Paradise Crew! As we are currently sailing on the Freedom of the Seas, we wanted to share with you a few of our tips on how to prevent seasickness on a cruise! Now, even if you don’t usually get sick, sometimes the weather is just not in anyone’s favor… so just be mindful.. Its good to know about these tips just in case!

So, there are a few things you can do before you board to help:

1. Book a cabin low/mid ship- The ship is most stable in this area!

2. Avoid Multiple Days at Sea in a row- Its good to have a break on land after a day at sea. This should help your system return to normal. 

3. Pack Sea Bands- These use Acupressure to relieve symptoms of seasickness. 

4. If you are prone to get severely sick from any motion, ask your doctor for the ear patch or a stronger prescription medicine.

5. Start taking Dramamine (NON DROWSY) 1-2 days BEFORE YOU BOARD! This will give it time to get into your system!

Now, if you have boarded the ship and it starts sailing away and you don’t feel well... There are some remedies that will help!

1. Spend more time on deck in open air. Look at the horizon and breathe fresh air!

2. EAT SOMETHING! What helps the most for me, is eating denser (NON FATTY) Carbs, like breads/crackers/plain pastries. You should also eat Green Apples, and consume anything with ginger: Ginger Chews/Tea/Pills/Ale... Ginger will help soothe your stomach quickly!

3. Try not to think about it! We know, we know, its easier said than done... but if you can take your mind off of the fact that you don't feel well by going to trivia or watching the belly flop competition, it can do wonders!

4. If you like using essential oils, take a sniff or two of Peppermint &/or Lavender Essential oils! These will help clear your mind and ease the feeling of nausea. 

Have you ever been seasick or are you afraid of getting sick on your cruise?? Let us know what helped for you!