Cruise Vlogging: Best Camera For Cruising?

What’s up Paradise Crew?! Welcome to our newest series “Creating Paradise,” a behind the scenes look of what it takes to make traveling our full time job.

If you clicked on this post, chances are you’re interested in creating your own content on your next cruise or maybe you just want a little more insight on what equipment we use.

So, we’re covering the #1 question I receive…. What’s the best camera for cruising?

But to answer that, I wanted to break this into a few categories that I think may help make your decision much easier before you get started.

Low Investment - Free to $399

Yes, I said free. Believe it or not, many of the phones in 2019 have the ability to shoot stunning cinematic 4K footage.

Your Phone

If you don’t believe me, here is a small clip from Parker Walbeck. This was shot with an Iphone XS Max with a Movi Free Fly Stabilizer. Together, it’s clear you can get some stunning footage of your vacation.

Try looking up your phones capabilities on youtube by typing in  “Name of phone + cinematic” to see if your phone can get the job done. Remember, the best camera is the one that is with you.

Go Pro Hero 7

If you’re looking for an all around camera that will allow you to be more versatile, have decent audio, clear visual and shoots 4K, I like the GoPro Hero 7.

We’ll use the GoPro 7 for every cruise. It’s ability to go underwater, be mounted on ATV’s, jeeps or strapped to my chest while cliff jumping is an absolute must have.

Also with it’s ability to take great photos underwater like these two 50/50 shots. You can really start to express yourself artistically...which I think is pretty cool.

Shot with  GoPro Hero 5  and  50/50 Dome

And just for $349 it’s a total steal. Also you may be able to find good “used options” on ebay. I say used* in quotations because often people return things they don’t like after they’ve used them for a few weeks, which technically qualifies as the item being used. Which means a little extra savings for you.

DJI Osmo Pocket

You can also look into the DJI Osmo Pocket. It’s ability to stabilize footage while walking makes it an absolute game changer. SO, if you absolutely hate shaky footage, then this may be your best bet.

Middle Investment $599 - $999

Point and Shoot Cameras

Canon G7X II.

Decent in low light, autofocus is great, it is light weight and very easy to use. It’s the perfect starting point and shoot camera to use. But we ended upgraded our G7X to a Canon M50.

Which brings me to my next recommendation...

The Canon M50

Truthfully, if you want a great point and shoot camera that’s reasonably priced, great in low light situations like dinner in the main dining room, you may want to look at purchasing the Canon M50. It has incredible autofocus that knows how to highlight the subject and blur the background.. Also, If you take a look at a few of your favorite cruise creators on Youtube, several of us own this camera.

If you’re not a fan of Canon, there are also great options from Sony like the RX100 series.

Anyways, If you’d like to see what gear we use for our channel, please leave a comment below. It’ll give me some idea if I should make that for you or not. The gear we use falls into the low, mid and high investment categories so click subscribe if you want to hear more about that.

I hope someone found a little bit of value in this. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. And if you create content, this is an excellent opportunity to make a recommendation to others you never know, you might help someone get out there and start creating too!