Cheers To Paradise : Wine of the Month Club - April 2019

For those of you who may not know, Griff and I host a live show on Thursday Nights at 9PM EST on our YouTube Channel. During the streams, we chat with the Paradise Crew, answering any cruising questions, or fun facts about our lives!

A few people started asking what was in my glass, and every week it has turned into an interesting topic of conversation. So now we thought it would be fun to start an “exclusive” club where we can all gather around our screens with our wine and be in community with each other! - Bring your wine, we are live at 9! ;)

We decided we would start a Paradise Wine of the Month club, or Cheers To Paradise, where I will post the wine I will be drinking which gives you the chance to purchase it and drink it with me on Thursday nights! Kinda like a book club! Our plan is to one day collaborate with a vineyard or brewery to have our own wine, beer and cider brand, so this is a fun way to start testing some of our favorites and promoting some of our go-to brands! So if you know anyone that might be interested in collaborating, let us know! ;)

We have also added a #CheersToParadise, where if you send in a SuperChat (or SuperCheers as we will call it), I will cheers with you!

April 2019

To officially kick things off, we decided to try something new. We have heard some pretty great things about FitVine wine. It is made with up to 90% less sugar than traditional wines, and being fit and active people, we think this is super important. So, we went out to our nearest ABC Wines and found their Chardonnay. Typically, I would have purchased the Cabernet or Pinot Noir, but the manager told us they had just sold their last bottle… That’s a good sign though! ;) Click here to find it!


From this point on, we will be using #CheerstoParadise out on our cruise adventures with a description of what we are drinking as a way to bring awareness to more of our favorites on specific cruise lines and port destinations, and we would love for you to join in! Feel free to include your favorite cocktails as well!

If you have suggestions on the next wine of the month, comment below or send me an email at! We can’t wait to cheers to paradise with you all on Thursday Night!