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Wanderlust by Unboxing

So, this is something that we don't typically do, but in celebration of our 31-Day Video Challenge, we decided to throw it all out there!

I first learned of the Wanderlust Box by last year when they asked me to be an Ambassador. It always looked awesome, but every time I saw a box I wanted, it was sold out... SO, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase the Maldives Summer 2018 box!

This box is full of goodies that are perfect for the summer! Watch my unboxing below to see my response of what is inside!

You can find the Wanderlust box HERE

So to Recap the products:

Breakups to Makeups Tote: $10

Parabo Press Free Prints: $10

Deo Wipes Intimate: $15

HELLO Charcoal Toothpaste: $6

Chella's Eyebrow Cream and Highlighter: $46

Kocostar Lip Mask: $38

Sparkle Skin Boost Powder: $19.50

Earth Harbor Rose Ruby Face Mist: $20

YHF LA Jetset Sunnies: $60

Winky Lux Lipgloss: $13

Rose & Royce Scrunchie Set: $12

Mermaid Vibes Perfume: $11.95

*I did forget about the Winky Lux Coffee Bronzer in the video. I didn't even see it in the box until Cullen started filming the products! But it is valued at $30 - so that helps all the totals add up to $291.44 ;)

The only disappointment, is the sunnies don't really fit my face, but since the frames are pretty thin, I am going to try to manipulate that a little.. They are too great not to wear!

The unboxing was much more fun than I thought it would be, so I may be doing more of those in the future! If you have any suggestions of subscription boxes I should try, leave me a comment!

Life Update

Hi All!

It has been a few weeks since our last post, and I wanted to let everyone know what was going on...

We were minding our own business and enjoying our time with my parents in Longboat Key, FL the week of Labor Day when we got word that Hurricane Irma was headed straight for our home. We cut the week short, packed a few bags, (and Oly bear!)  and drove up to Pennsylvania where my parents live to wait out the storm. You can view our first vlog episode here!

Attempting to be a bikini model ;)  Bikini from

Attempting to be a bikini model ;)  Bikini from

Drone shot of the pool at Veranda Beach Club

Drone shot of the pool at Veranda Beach Club

Longboat Key, FL. Bikini from

Longboat Key, FL. Bikini from

We figured we would only be there a few days, but we ended up staying an entire week. We knew our apartment complex didn't have power and gas was very scarce. So we figured we would turn this into an unplanned "relaxing" vacation. We took Oly hiking in the mountains, visited a beautiful (and cold) waterfall, and spent some more quality time with my family. You can view our second vlog episode here


Cucumber Falls- Ohiopyle, Pa

Cucumber Falls- Ohiopyle, Pa

Walking Olyvia by the Youghiogheny River

Walking Olyvia by the Youghiogheny River

By Tuesday, we had received a text message from Royal Caribbean stating that our cruise for that weekend had been canceled. They were going to be using the Majesty of the Seas for Humanitarian efforts in the Caribbean. Can't be mad about that! Sure we were disappointed, as we had been looking forward to this getaway since the beginning of the year, but we can always reschedule for something even better. :) 

Anyways, when we returned home, everything was luckily undamaged, but we unfortunately still didn't have any power. That kind of threw off my plans for getting our lives back together a little bit before flying out to Cancun for our stay at the Thompson Playa del Carmen, but nonetheless, we did get everything settled during that hectic week and took off again!

We just returned from Mexico and had the BEST time. I will be writing an entirely different post on that soon!

ANYWHOOO ... I wanted to catch you all up since it looks like we have been slacking lately and did want to let you know that we were not able to take our trip to the Bahamas as scheduled. We are now back on track and ready for our next adventure!



Shopping for Playa del Carmen

If you haven’t read our recent blog post, we have some exciting news! We are flying to Playa del Carmen to spend a weekend at the Thompson Resort! Since we live in Florida, you would think I would have the perfect wardrobe for this trip… well, you would be wrong. I have A LOT of workout clothes and some business casual stuff, but not enough sundresses and rompers to survive a weekend in Riviera Mexico! I did plan on just bringing my current bikini collection, but I couldn't resist the sales from ;) 

I went over to to do my shopping. With my busy schedule, sometimes it is so hard to get out and physically go into a store. And besides, have you seen lulus clothes?! ADORABLE! And absolutely perfect for my lifestyle. I am not sure EXACTLY what we will doing while we are there, so I need to make sure I cover all my bases. We are only going to be gone for 3 days, but I will most likely need at least 3 outfits/day... girls, you understand. You never know what you are going to need and you don’t want all of your IG photos in the same outfit!


Vacation Dresses

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred:


Beach TowelS

Guys, I haven’t purchased a beach towel in years… And I think the last time I did it was because we were on our way to the beach and accidentally left ours at home. I thought this would be the perfect time for a new one. I purchased this beautiful Turkish Cotton towel and I cannot wait to try it out. There are quite a few Turkish Cotton beach towels on the market, but I love Sand Cloud because of their mission to save the ocean… and their towels are adorable and super affordable!

Photo Cred:

Photo Cred: Use code AlyssaGf25 for 25% off of your purchase!


Can't wait to share our experiences with you!

Olyvia is a Puppy Model!

I never thought this day would come.. Our precious little Olyvia is now a puppy model! I know, it sounds a little ridiculous, but I think its adorable. :) 

We will be doing some photo shoots in the next few weeks with KONAleashes, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, check out our announcement video! Our baby is going to be #instafamous ... HAHA

Special Announcement

Hi Everyone! I have a special announcement to make! Drum roll please…………  I have been chosen to be a Brand Ambassador with AND Sand Cloud!  #spons #realbikinibabe #savethefishies 😉 This is going to open up a lot of doors for us and let us create even more fun content for you guys!

What all does this mean?! It means you will be seeing a lot more videos, Instagram photos and blog posts featuring products from Sand Cloud and If you are not familiar with either of these companies, you are going to love them! obviously sells bikinis… LOL but there is so much more! Along with the resort wear, street clothing, beachy accessories, and beauty products, they also feature awesome blog posts written by the community. The topics range anywhere from style and beauty to food and fitness. I am most excited about joining this amazing community of women who are as inspired by travel as I am.. and know how to rock a bikini of course!

Ambassador Gifts from

Ambassador Gifts from

Sand Cloud is known for their Turkish Cotton Beach towels and their mission to save marine life! 10% of their profits go to non-profit organizations that support this cause. 

Use the code AlyssaGf25 for 25% off of your purchase!

Use the code AlyssaGf25 for 25% off of your purchase!

I feel like both Sand Cloud and are a PERFECT match for me because my lifestyle directly reflects that of everything they stand for: bikini, travel, beauty, fitness, ocean life. I will be able to inspire even more people to live a fun, healthy lifestyle, support marine life, and to always follow their dreams.

Thank you for the continuous support and stay tuned for more content! We are always open to content suggestions as well! What would you like to see from us?! Feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email!