9 Ways to Prevent Sea Sickness on a Cruise

9 Ways to Prevent Sea Sickness on a Cruise

Greetings from the Southern Caribbean Paradise Crew! As we are currently sailing on the Freedom of the Seas, we wanted to share with you a few of our tips on how to prevent seasickness on a cruise!

What To Do The Day Before Your Cruise

What To Do The Day Before Your Cruise

If you have a cruise quickly approaching, you may be wondering what you need to do the day before you leave... So here are a few tips and things we like to do the day before to ensure a smooth morning traveling to the airport or cruise port!

What is the Carnival Sunrise?!

What is the Carnival Sunrise?!

he Carnival Triumph is undergoing a $200 million complete Dry Dock Make Over in March 2019 and will come out as a BRAND New ship named the Carnival Sunrise! AKA, you won’t even recognize her!

Cruise Packing Essentials... Don't Forget These!!

Cruise Packing Essentials... Don't Forget These!!

Besides your obvious "don't forget your passport," we've included other items that we don't want to leave home without. They make our cruise much smoother! We also included the amazon links to most of this stuff for easy shopping purposes. Enjoy our cruise packing tips!

10 Reasons To Cruise At Christmas

10 Reasons To Cruise At Christmas

Welcome to our Christmas in July episode!! We cruised on the Carnival Magic last December and found it to be the most magical cruise we have taken, so we wanted to make this video to encourage you to consider taking a cruise for Christmas! Here are our 10 Reasons why you should!

8 Of Our WORST Cruise Mistakes

8 Of Our WORST Cruise Mistakes

Embarkation carryon: pack all things you may need, medicines, swim wear, change of clothes.. Etc. Your luggage may take several hours to arrive to your stateroom, so plan accordingly.

What Is Included In The Cost Of A Cruise

What Is Included In The Cost Of A Cruise

We wanted to do a 2-part Series to share what is and what is not included in the cost of a cruise! Video One is, you guessed it, what IS included. Tomorrow, we will share what is NOT included.

Tips For First Time Cruisers

Hi Paradise Crew!

We noticed as we began talking to our friends about our project, many of them haven't been on a cruise. Which lead us to not only creating this video on tips for first time cruisers, but also to create an entire playlist focused around people ready (or considering) to take their first cruise. We hope you find the tips and videos in the playlist helpful! What other topics do you think we should cover?? Leave us a comment and we may do a video about it!

Tips We Cover-

1. Check Your Necessary Travel Documents

2. Prepare For Embarkation

3. Take Cash- Specifically Smaller Bills for Tipping

4. Check Your Cruise Line's Packing Rules

5. Plan Your Port Days

6. Bring A Watch

7. Check the Dress Codes for the dining rooms

8. Bring a Non-Surge Protected Power Strip- There are typically only 2 outlets in the cabins.

9. You can eat as much as you want, but be sure to exercise, or simple do some extra walking!

10. Bring a Reusable Water Bottle


What To Do After Booking A Cruise

As we are preparing for our cruise on the Freedom of the seas, we thought this would be the perfect time to share what you should do after you book your cruise!

You'll want to research the ports and shore excursions! -I’m sure you did plenty of research of the ports- but Incase you didn’t… do that now! Look for things you may want to do- excursion with the cruise, 3rd party or just exploring on your own!

Create a packing list - based off the itinerary, the excursions you plan to do, cruise line, dinner attire, etc.

Make sure your passports are current & won’t expire for at least 6 months after your cruise. You can cruise with an original birth certificate and your driver's license, but we find it easier to just pack your passports!

Do your online check-in. You have until 3 days prior to sailing to complete this, but I try to do it as soon as they open it up, which is usually 60-90 days out. 

Make dinner & show reservations depending on your cruise line. If you are cruising with Norwegian, you will most likely have to reserve everything, regardless if there is a fee or not. So just be aware that you could miss out on some things if you don't reserve them ahead of time.

Download the cruise line & Shipmate app. The cruise line's app (Carnival Hub, Norwegian Concierge, Royal IQ, etc) will be helpful while you are on board. Shipmate should help you before: You can explore the ship and the ports ahead of time and connect with new people that will be on your sailing.

Which brings us to the next tip- Find your Roll call on Cruise critic, Facebook groups or the Shipmate app. Here you can find other people on your sailing, ask questions, plan meet ups, look at photos and videos of the ship/ports.. It's a great way to keep the excitement!

Book extras for the room like decorations, cake, liquor, or treats. If you are celebrating something or just want it to look/be special, this is nice touch!

Do you last minute shopping early! Look at your list of things you will need and start buying things a little at time. This way you don't forget anything and you don't have an overwhelming amount of things to purchase at the end.

Start packing a few weeks out. Gather the clothes, toiletries and other items you know you won’t be wearing before your cruise and start packing.  It will make things less stressful later!

Call credit card company/bank to let them know you will be out of the country. Prime example- Griff forgot to do this while we were in Cozumel and they shut down his card! So avoid the hassle and plan ahead.

Book and schedule personal appointments before your cruise, i.e. hair, mani-pedi, facials, etc. You’ll want to get this all done before you leave- but you can also get it done on the ship if you want to treat yo-self… but of course, it'll come at a premium! So go ahead and look fabulous!


Those are only some of the things we do after booking a cruise. What are some things that you like to do before your cruise? Let us know in the comments!