Should You Get Married on a Cruise?!?

We have been asked this question so many times, as we had our wedding during our cruise on the Norwegian Escape in January 2017, so we decided to make a video about it! 

Should YOU have your wedding on a cruise?? Our answer: Long story short, YES!! BUT, it all depends on what YOU prioritize for YOUR wedding! In our video, we discuss the pros and cons of having a wedding on a cruise. 

Did you have your wedding on a cruise? Or are you considering it?? We'd love to know!

Norwegian Escape Review

It’s been 7 months since our cruise on the Norwegian Escape and we FINALLY have our review up! Find out what we LOVED and didn't love about the Escape and whether or not we recommend this ship for a fun, awesome vacation. If you have not seen our cruise vlogs from our trip, you can find them in our Norwegian Escape Wedding Cruise Series playlist on our channel. :)