10 tips for first time cruisers

Tips For First Time Cruisers

Hi Paradise Crew!

We noticed as we began talking to our friends about our project, many of them haven't been on a cruise. Which lead us to not only creating this video on tips for first time cruisers, but also to create an entire playlist focused around people ready (or considering) to take their first cruise. We hope you find the tips and videos in the playlist helpful! What other topics do you think we should cover?? Leave us a comment and we may do a video about it!

Tips We Cover-

1. Check Your Necessary Travel Documents

2. Prepare For Embarkation

3. Take Cash- Specifically Smaller Bills for Tipping

4. Check Your Cruise Line's Packing Rules

5. Plan Your Port Days

6. Bring A Watch

7. Check the Dress Codes for the dining rooms

8. Bring a Non-Surge Protected Power Strip- There are typically only 2 outlets in the cabins.

9. You can eat as much as you want, but be sure to exercise, or simple do some extra walking!

10. Bring a Reusable Water Bottle