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31 Day Video Challenge!

Hey Paradise Crew!

We have a special video full of fun announcements that will fill you in on what will be happening with the Griffins for the next 31 days. You are definitely going to want to watch this!



We cannot wait to bring you along with us during this exciting journey! If you have any video suggestions or cruise ships you want us to explore, leave us a comment and we will always consider it! Thanks for being a part of our community. We absolutely could not do this without your support. Until next time, we'll see you in paradise!

Carnival Magic Christmas Cruise

Now I know we are a little behind on these as it is now JUNE... but we have a good excuse. Our external hard drive literally stopped working for 6 months! It would not turn on at all. That means not being able to retrieve ANY photos or videos that we put on there since December! I honestly thought they were goners, especially after a tech guy told us it could cost us over $1,000 to MAYBE get the files off. But after a lot of praying, God miraculously turned the hard drive on. I am not even joking. We were able to get some files off, but others were corrupted and unable to be used. Cullen took the footage we did have an pieced together some vlogs from our Carnival Magic Christmas Cruise where we spent 7 days in the Eastern Caribbean. I know that some of it may seem incomplete, and for that we do apologize! But we were able to work with what we had and share a small portion of our trip with you all. 

We will also be releasing our review on the Carnival Magic, so look forward to seeing that post in the next week or so!

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Thanks y'all!