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Cruise Vlogging: Best Camera For Cruising?

Cruise Vlogging: Best Camera For Cruising?

What’s up Paradise Crew?! Welcome to our newest series “Creating Paradise,” a behind the scenes look of what it takes to make traveling our full time job.

If you clicked on this post, chances are you’re interested in creating your own content on your next cruise or maybe you just want a little more insight on what equipment we use.

Cheers To Paradise : Wine of the Month Club - April 2019

Cheers To Paradise : Wine of the Month Club - April 2019

For those of you who may not know, Griff and I host a live show on Thursday Nights at 9PM EST on our YouTube Channel. During the streams, we chat with the Paradise Crew, answering any cruising questions, or fun facts about our lives!

A few people started asking what was in my glass, and every week it has turned into an interesting topic of conversation.

The Coolest Cruise Gear - 2018

Griff and I decided to search for some of the COOLEST Cruise Gear that we can take with us on our next cruise! Here are the quick details:

#1: Solar Phone Charger

#2: The Coldest Water Bottle (also see previous post for a full product review)

#3: Portable Lock Box

#4: Don Poolio

Watch our video below to see why we won't be cruising without these!

Did we miss anything?? Is there something you won't be cruising without that didn't make our list? Leave us a comment and we will check it out! It may even make our Cruise Gear Part 2 video! ;) 

Shopping for Playa del Carmen

If you haven’t read our recent blog post, we have some exciting news! We are flying to Playa del Carmen to spend a weekend at the Thompson Resort! Since we live in Florida, you would think I would have the perfect wardrobe for this trip… well, you would be wrong. I have A LOT of workout clothes and some business casual stuff, but not enough sundresses and rompers to survive a weekend in Riviera Mexico! I did plan on just bringing my current bikini collection, but I couldn't resist the sales from ;) 

I went over to to do my shopping. With my busy schedule, sometimes it is so hard to get out and physically go into a store. And besides, have you seen lulus clothes?! ADORABLE! And absolutely perfect for my lifestyle. I am not sure EXACTLY what we will doing while we are there, so I need to make sure I cover all my bases. We are only going to be gone for 3 days, but I will most likely need at least 3 outfits/day... girls, you understand. You never know what you are going to need and you don’t want all of your IG photos in the same outfit!


Vacation Dresses

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Beach TowelS

Guys, I haven’t purchased a beach towel in years… And I think the last time I did it was because we were on our way to the beach and accidentally left ours at home. I thought this would be the perfect time for a new one. I purchased this beautiful Turkish Cotton towel and I cannot wait to try it out. There are quite a few Turkish Cotton beach towels on the market, but I love Sand Cloud because of their mission to save the ocean… and their towels are adorable and super affordable!

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Photo Cred: Use code AlyssaGf25 for 25% off of your purchase!


Can't wait to share our experiences with you!