choosing the best cruise

How To Pick The Perfect Cruise

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, there are MANY options for cruise vacations… You may feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which one is best! But we wanted to help ease the process by allowing? you to focus on a few things before you start your planning.



Who is going? You and a spouse? Family? Group of twenty-somethings?

What matters most to YOU-

What is the most important to you when it comes to vacation? Fun Activities, Relaxing Spas, Beautiful Destinations?



Where do you want to go?? Is there a specific destination or region you have in mind? Do you like the tropical weather of the Caribbean or the glaciers in Alaska?



How long do you want to be on vacation for? Or how long are you "allowed" to be on vacation for?



 What is your Budget? Do you have a little bit of money to spend, or A LOT a bit of money to spend. *we will cover how to get the best cruise deals in a future video…

Now that you have an idea of the basics, you have a good foundation of where to start when finding the perfect cruise. Now, I know you still may be confused and that is ok. We are here to help! Download this FREE infographic to get an idea of which cruise lines offer all of the things you are looking for! Also, if you have any questions, Join our Facebook Group- Griff & Alyssa's Paradise Crew! We would love to chat with you about specific cruise lines, itineraries and anything else you have questions about!