hurricane season

Is It Safe To Cruise During Hurricane Season?

Is It Really Safe To Cruise During Hurricane Season? Absolutely! Do you want to risk your ports being changed or your cruise being cancelled all together? That is the question!

What are some of the advantages of being a risk taker during hurricane season??

1. The rates are a little cheaper at the end of August through October if you are looking to cruise the Caribbean due to higher chance of hurricanes and the kiddos going back to school.

2. The weather can be BEAUTIFUL! We had the BEST cruise of our lives during the middle of September, but the week before us experienced a bunch of storms, so you are really flipping a coin here.

If you decide you want to risk it, just remember to be flexible. There is a higher chance that your cruise may be rerouted or cancelled entirely... In 2017, our Majesty of the Seas cruise to the Bahamas was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. We were really upset, but understood the reasoning. Unfortunately, we weren't able to find another time to rebook in the near future.

If the cruise line cancels the cruise, they will refund you. But if you can't get to port and they sail anyway... they won't. Depending on the cruise line and what the contact states, they may give you an incentive to book again quickly, like on board credit or something similar.

SO! Be sure to buy Insurance whether with the cruise line or another company that will cover the cost of your trip, that way you are covered if for some reason you are unable to make it to the port, or decide the weather is too bad for your liking.