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How to Save MAJOR $$ on Cruise Parking

Today marks Day 1 of our 31 Day Video Challenge!! We are super excited and have plenty of cruise related content to share with you. We decided to kick things off with ways to save money on cruise parking!

Cruise parking can be a surprise expense for first time cruisers. If you booked a cruise out of a port close to home, or simply plan on driving to your destination, you may get a sticker shock on how much money you will actually spend by parking in the cruise terminal. 

But have no fear! There are other options that can help save you BIG and put that money to good use during your vacation instead!

Watch our video "Save Money on Cruise Parking" below to see how YOU can save money on parking for your cruise!



Have you tried any of these methods? What is your go-to?? Did we miss one?? Leave us a comment and let us know!