wanderlust unboxing

Wanderlust by Bikini.com Unboxing

So, this is something that we don't typically do, but in celebration of our 31-Day Video Challenge, we decided to throw it all out there!

I first learned of the Wanderlust Box by Bikini.com last year when they asked me to be an Ambassador. It always looked awesome, but every time I saw a box I wanted, it was sold out... SO, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase the Maldives Summer 2018 box!

This box is full of goodies that are perfect for the summer! Watch my unboxing below to see my response of what is inside!

You can find the Wanderlust box HERE

So to Recap the products:

Breakups to Makeups Tote: $10

Parabo Press Free Prints: $10

Deo Wipes Intimate: $15

HELLO Charcoal Toothpaste: $6

Chella's Eyebrow Cream and Highlighter: $46

Kocostar Lip Mask: $38

Sparkle Skin Boost Powder: $19.50

Earth Harbor Rose Ruby Face Mist: $20

YHF LA Jetset Sunnies: $60

Winky Lux Lipgloss: $13

Rose & Royce Scrunchie Set: $12

Mermaid Vibes Perfume: $11.95

*I did forget about the Winky Lux Coffee Bronzer in the video. I didn't even see it in the box until Cullen started filming the products! But it is valued at $30 - so that helps all the totals add up to $291.44 ;)

The only disappointment, is the sunnies don't really fit my face, but since the frames are pretty thin, I am going to try to manipulate that a little.. They are too great not to wear!

The unboxing was much more fun than I thought it would be, so I may be doing more of those in the future! If you have any suggestions of subscription boxes I should try, leave me a comment!